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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Anthony and Heidi West Family Newsletter 2015
This has been a lovely year, with fun adventures, quiet calm moments, lots of learning and growing, and a hopeful future.  Some of the big events for us include: Going to Disneyland and the Pacific Ocean; Anthony being able to attend the Nebraska vs. BYU game; and our oldest starting kindergarten.
Anthony is continuing to be a rock star (aka teacher), working at two different schools and changing the world, one child at a time, as he communicates to his students of their worth and importance to their schools and the community. In addition to teaching, he is constantly blessing his family member’s lives as he spends quality time with each of his children, and looks for ways to serve Heidi.  Anthony has mastered the art of beading medallions, and has created some very complex ones recently. 
Heidi is really enjoying being 30, and is discovering new things about herself and her family all the time.  She is very happy and enjoys learning ways to better understand and help each of her very unique children.  Over the past 6 months, she has rekindled her love of running and had fun doing a 5k with one of her Highs School friends in September. 
Tristen is the model kindergartener! At his first parent teacher conference his teachers were very complimentary of him and he has been doing well in all areas, both in English and Spanish.  Tristen gets all greens, which means he has never had any behavioral issues at school.  He has been very responsive to all his teachers, and tries to be a good example to his friends at school and church.  At home, he loves computer games, and his current favorites are Age of Empires and Star Craft.
Natalya is really growing into herself, which has confused her mother as Natalya has all the sudden become more assertive and independent.  She has a very fun sense of clothing style and takes pride in putting together her own outfits and dressing herself.  She has also recently started learning the cello in a class with 10 other students.  Her favorite parts about learning cello are 1. She has made a new friend; 2. Cello practice means she gets to play fun cello games with Mommy at home; and 3. Natalya looks forward to her first recital, because it means her family and friends get to be all together to come see her (even though they will have to clap for her, which makes her nervous). Natalya also is enjoying a dance class, taught by one of her aunts, where three of her cousins also attend.
Rosalie loves to be our “big helper in a family”, whether it’s helping mommy with dinner, getting dressed, or picking up the house.  She is always telling her mommy she wants to “do it self”. Sweet little Rosie loves to mimic and play with her big sister, too.  She also enjoys her nursery class at church, where she has no issues staying for two hours without parents, and where she often receives compliments from other parents on how loving and helpful she is to her friends there. 

That is the latest updates on our growing family… Oh, yes, by the way, our family is growing and we are expecting a little bundle of joy in the spring! Happy Holidays Everyone!

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