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Monday, December 21, 2015

Tristen's First Winter Break from school!

West family Decmber 2015: Next Christmas there will be 6!

Cute Elf Baby!

Girl loves Cady canes!


Trsiten did great in his first school winter Concert! Mom did not do so well filming with a squirmy toddler in her arms. 

After getting out of school, Mom and the kids went to play at the Omaha Children's museum! 

                                          Iron Baby!
                                         Driving a Firetruck

    Once Daddy got off work, we checked out the Gingerbread Display at the Mormon Trail Center
 Mommy was there to offer support as the Noah's Ark Display was being made by the LDS Fontenelle Ward Relief Society... Heidi heped make some of the rocks.
 Heidi laid cut and laid many of the bricks for the Wreck-it-Ralph Christmas in Niceland Display
                                                                                        Fontenelle Ward Activity Day Town

 West kids made a lovely gingerbread house: "Hansel and Gretel go on an Easter Egg Hunt with the witch" ... check out the snakes!

 Movies with Daddy
Nalsa Salsa mad a bridge display with Christmas Decor

Cello Time

Daddy shared his guitar skills with the kids: He played "Snickers" and then let the kids explore how the gutiar and cello were different.

Family Dancing feet

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